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Centered Psychiatry

An integrative approach to mental well-being for individuals and families feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and in need of direction that goes beyond standard of care. 


***Now accepting patients by telehealth or in person in Wisconsin*** 

Kathy Russeth, MD

I'm an integrative psychiatrist with a passion for providing comprehensive mental health care that treats patients as a whole —body, mind, and spirit. I believe in the power of connection and strive to create a supportive environment where individuals feel safe to share their stories and be heard.


I specialize in working with adults and children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and seeking direction in their lives. I particularly resonate with high-achieving students and professionals, who may face unique challenges in balancing their personal, interpersonal, and career aspirations. 


I also have a special interest in working with individuals and families seeking care for OCD, Autism, and Tourette Syndrome. 


My goal is to ​​empower patients to overcome barriers, foster resilience, and pave the way towards a more serene future filled with hope and connection. 


I offer a holistic approach to treatment that goes beyond medication management, including: psychotherapy, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness-based techniques, supplementation, collaborative care, and more. 

Kathy Russeth MD Psychiatrist Madison WI

Finding the right fit...

Do you find yourself or your child struggling with anxiety, depression, or ADHD,

and feeling like traditional approaches haven't provided the relief you need

Are you a high-functioning, high-achieving individual facing unique challenges

such as burnout, perfectionism, and work-life imbalance


Are you a parent who’s seeking expert guidance for your child with complex emotional or behavioral issues, developmental delays, or psychological-related medical concerns?

Are you searching for a psychiatrist who truly understands your individual experiences,

listens attentively, and empowers you to take control of your mental well-being?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place.


Get in touch

to start your journey towards better mental well-being.

Breaking Free Psychiatry Madison WI

This image of “breaking the sound barrier” frequently cross my mind. This paradoxical phenomenon—where breaking through a perceived limitation can lead to a smoother, quieter state—beautifully illustrates the journey of self-improvement.


The "sound barrier" was once thought to be an extremely difficult, if not impossible, obstacle for aircraft to overcome. Imagine for a moment that you are a jet, poised just before that barrier. Yet, once you cross it, the ride becomes smoother, quieter, more centered. This is not a flight of imagination. It's a tangible representation of what we can achieve: piercing through our self-imposed limits while finding a serene space beyond.


Perhaps you feel stuck, as if you're navigating a labyrinth of blocks and barriers. These are not roadblocks; they are merely stepping stones on your path. They bring you here, seeking clarity and the next step—or even a leap—forward.


Our mission at Centered Psychiatry™ is dual-faceted: to guide you in breaking your personal barriers, fostering positive change, and carving out a clear, purposeful path, while simultaneously helping you cultivate a grounded, stable sense of self amidst the myriad of connections you have to the rest of the world. In essence, you can reach for the stars while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.


It's not a choice between soaring and staying centered; it's about mastering the art of doing both. Join me, and let's embark on this transformative yet centered journey together.

Practice Areas

My Approach

I believe in providing holistic and integrative mental health care that considers each individual as a whole person. Understanding the complex relationship between a person's experiences and their place in the world is essential to offering meaningful support.


You deserve a psychiatrist who not only prescribes medication when necessary, but also works collaboratively with you to explore lifestyle changes, coping strategies, and personalized therapy options.   I offer a range of unique treatment modalities to help you achieve a full sense of balance, fulfillment, and well-being, including: 


Medication can be an important part of your mental health treatment plan. If indicated, Dr. Russeth will work with you to find the right medication and dosage to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Individual therapy can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and achieving your goals. Dr. Russeth offers evidence-based psychotherapies tailored to your unique needs and experiences.


Navigating mental health is a complex journey, yet through the synergy of integrative psychiatry, there's an avenue to not only manage challenges but also to progress. Dr. Russeth crafts personalized integrative plans, fostering symptom management and empowering you to achieve your goals.

Able to offer a fresh persective

"I came here looking for answers and what I got was a whole new perspective. I never saw my situation in the light you’ve shown me, and it has made all the difference."

- Parent of an adolescent

Understanding of Contributing Factors

"The level of care and attention to detail here is beyond anything I've ever experienced. In one session, you asked us more probing questions than the previous provider did in three years! We finally feel like we are getting the comprehensive care we've been seeking."

- Parents of a young child

Ability to Explain

"We would give the medications without really understanding their purpose or side effects. But thanks to your clear explanations, we're finally in the loop. Knowledge is empowering, and we feel so much more confident in our healthcare journey now."

- Grandparents as primary caregivers


"My previous doctor kept changing my meds every time I said I was sad. Sometimes I just needed to say what I was feeling, and he wasn't really listening. Thanks for actually taking the time to understand what's going on with me before jumping to a med change. It's refreshing."


- College-aged adult


"I wasn't sure anything could help, but I tried some things you suggested, and they actually worked. I'm feeling a lot better now. Thanks!"


- Adolescent

Open and Supportive

"I was really nervous at first. It was hard to talk. But then I felt safe, and I wanted to come see you. Talking really helped to make me feel better."


- Pre-adolescent child

Kathy Russeth MD Psychiatrist Therapist Madison WI
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