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A Unique Expertise and Approach for Adults

Are you an adult seeking psychiatric care or guidance at a new stage of your life? 

Discover the advantages of working with a psychiatrist trained in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry.

Are you seeking a balanced approach to mental health care?

Discover the benefits of working with a psychiatrist who provides both medication management and therapy. My integrated approach ensures that your treatment plan is comprehensive, addressing your unique needs and goals.

Are you interested in the best of both worlds in mental health care?

Explore the advantages of my practice, where traditional medicine meets Eastern wisdom and holistic practices. My holistic approach considers the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—to promote optimal well-being.

Are you tired of one-size-fits-all mental health care within the system?

Experience a different kind of care. I operate independently, free from the constraints of traditional systems and insurance. This allows me to offer deeply personalized, in-depth care that caters to your unique needs.

Understanding the Whole Lifespan

Dr. Russeth brings a deep understanding of the human lifespan. While traditionally trained adult psychiatrists are certainly skilled, a psychiatrist additionally trained in child and adolescent psychiatry offers a unique perspective. They've delved into human development from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood.

Training Transitions and Milestones

Life is a journey marked by transitions, both expected and unexpected. Whether you're a young adult navigating the challenges of college life, a professional facing work-related stress, or an individual encountering life-altering changes, a dual-trained psychiatrist can provide invaluable insights.

Families and Relationships

Having specialized in child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Russeth comprehends the dynamics of families and relationships. This expertise extends beyond young patients and their families. If you're a parent seeking guidance on parenting strategies, a caregiver facing complex family issues, or simply someone who values a holistic approach to mental health, Dr. Russeth's services are designed to accommodate you.

A Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Russeth's approach transcends age boundaries. She believes that a well-rounded understanding of human development enriches our ability to support individuals at any stage of life. Whether you're seeking therapy, medication management, or guidance on life transitions, she is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive care.

Collaborative and Adaptive

Dr. Russeth understands that every individual is unique, and mental health care should be tailored accordingly. Her collaborative and adaptive approach ensures that your specific needs, goals, and circumstances are central to your treatment plan.

Experience the Difference

Discover the advantages of a psychiatrist with expertise in both adult and child and adolescent psychiatry. Whether you're an adult at any stage of development, a parent seeking family-focused care, or facing transitional challenges, Dr Russeth is here to support your mental health journey.

At Centered Psychiatry, I am dedicated to promoting mental wellness across the lifespan. Contact me today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of comprehensive psychiatric care.

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