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Directions and information 

Video Visit
Preparing for a Video Appointment with Dr. Russeth 

Dr. Russeth offers appointments via video when requested. A video session allows you to access care even if you cannot visit Dr. Russeth in person. 


 When a virtual appointment is confirmed, you should receive a Google Meet Link in the confirmation email with the session time scheduled - use this link. If you do not receive this link, please contact Dr. Russeth at or 608-305-4150. Creating your own calendar Google Meet link will not work. 

Before the Day of Your Appointment 

  • Identify a private location for your appointment: This should be a place where you can be alone and not interrupted for the duration of your video session. Ideally, find a place with good lighting so your clinician can see you. This might be a room in your home or could even be in your car. 

  • Check your technology: Consider what technology you will use for the video session. This might be your computer, an iPad, or your mobile phone. Be sure you know how to work the camera and the volume. Check to ensure that the location for your video session has a strong internet connection. Ask your clinician or their office staff if you need to install any apps on your device in advance. Ask how you will receive a link to the visit and if they can do a test with you to ensure it works. 

  • Organize Billing Details: Check with the office staff about billing in advance of your appointment. 

  • Prepare your thoughts: Think about what you want to discuss with Dr. Russeth. Make notes if that helps you. 


On the Day of Your Appointment 

  • Get ready for your video session. On the morning of your appointment, make sure that your device is charged. Check that you have the login link you need to access your video session. About 15 minutes in advance, have your technology ready and make sure your space is quiet and without distractions. 

  • Do not forget... Make sure you have any notes about what you want to discuss during the appointment. Also have a pen and paper in case you need to take notes. Bring reading glasses if you need them to see things on the screen, such as rating scales. Have the phone number for your clinician's office in case you need technical support.

Start Your Appointment: 

  • Sign in and get started about 3 minutes before your appointment, sign into the video session. Make sure the camera is at about eye level. Your clinician will join and usually start by asking your name, address where you are currently located, and other basic details. The video session should last the same amount of time as an office visit. Make sure you ask any questions you have before you sign off.


Call 608-305-4150, or message, if you have questions. 





On-Site Visit
Arriving for an Onsite/In-Person Appointment with Dr. Russeth

For onsite visits, ensure you have enough time to park and find your way to the office. 

On-site location of Centered Psychiatry

Centered Psychiatry, where Dr. Russeth will meet you for on-site sessions, is located at inside the Expansive building at 345 W Washington Ave, Madison, WI, on the 3rd floor, Suite 307.

Map of Centered Psychiatry | Kathy Russeth, MD - Integrative Psychiatrist in Madison, WI

You may park on the street, but most of the neighboring streets have metered parking, with a maximum of 2 hours. You may pay by coins or credit card.


Otherwise, if parking in the Expansive building parking lot, your ticket can be validated. There are two entrances: 

[1] One entrance is off of West Washington Ave: (between the building and the Hyatt  Hotel).   

[2] The second entrance is off of Main Street.  


Park in any "Expansive Client Parking Only” signs,  which are on every level of the garage.

Building entrance

You may enter the building from the main entrance or  from the parking lot, and  then take the elevator. Dr. Russeth’s office is on the 3rd floor.  


Note: During regular business hours, the building entrance is typically open, and there's a security guard on-site. If your appointment is scheduled outside regular business hours or find the door locked for some reason, please use the video intercom system at the main entrance. I'll be alerted and can grant you access remotely

Expansive building and W Washington entrance
Expansive parking off of W Wash
Expansive parking entry from Main
Expansive parking space example
Expansive elevator entry from parking
345 W Washington Main Building entry
Waiting Areas

If the door to Suite 307 is closed, please wait at the Expansive entrance waiting area, or in the larger communal space,  where you are most comfortable,  and Dr. Russeth will come out to get you at your appointment time.

There are additional private workspaces and an outdoor area available if needed - e.g. if you have to wait while your child is in session or you are waiting   to be picked up. 

Restrooms are in the hallway across from the elevator on the 3rd floor. 

Expansive entry
Centered Psychiatry - Expansive Waiting entry
Expansive common space
Expansive common space
Expansive common space
Expansive outdoor space
Expansive work room 1
Expansive Work room 2
Centered Psychiatry | Kathy Russeth, MD - Integrative Psychiatrist in Madison, WI

Call 608-305-4150, or message, if you have questions. 
You may also reach me through the secure portal - sign in here: 
Or reschedule online if >24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. 
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